The Multi-Purpose Inflatable All Sports and Physical Comfort Cushion

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Introducing Patented INSTA-SEAT
The Inflatable "INSTANT SEAT"
in your pocket for only $10.95!

 “INSTANT SEAT” Inflates with ONE PUFF, and Deflates with ONE SQUEEZE to fit in Your Pocket, Purse, or Glove Compartment. The open valve needs NO effort or Pinching to inflate. It really is an INSTANT SEAT in your pocket. 

 “INSTANT SEAT” is perfect for any Indoor or Outdoor venue. Enjoy the INSTA-SEAT SPORT CUSHION in Stadium and Bleacher Seats, on Benches, Chairs, in Boats or Kayaks … or on the ground for Camping or Hunting. It is Comfortable Everywhere!

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It's Simple and Quick!

Insta Seat

Blows Up With One Puff!

Deflates With One Squeeze!

For ALL Outdoor/Indoor Sports!

  • Camping
  • Ballgames
  • Hunting
  • Boating
  • Soccer
  • Little League
  • Car Racing
  • Beach
  • Picnics


An Amazing Physical Therapy Cushion

Travel with it - Flying, Driving, at Your Computer, as well as Tub, Pool or Spa!!

Insta-Seat For Physical Therapy

Inflatable Stadium Seat Cushion

Introducing the Patented INSTA-SEAT, the INFLATABLE STADIUM SEAT CUSHION that is literally
a "Seat in Your Pocket." And it's only $10.95 plus S&H.

The INSTA-SEAT INFLATABLE STADIUM SEAT CUSHION Inflates with ONE PUFF and Deflates with ONE SQUEEZE to fit in your Pocket, Purse, or Glove Compartment.
The open valve needs NO Effort or Pinching to Inflate.

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  • Inflatable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • And Guaranteed!

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  • Julie Dohan, President of Dohan Designs was the owner of Julie Dohan Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. for ten years. She designed acrylic 3 dimensional frames for multi-purpose framing, ...


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