julieIt is our pleasure to bring our unique Innovative Patented Products to the International Market through our new website www.Insta-Seat.com.

For some 28 years, we have designed and patented products ranging from Stadium Cushions for the 1984 and 1996 Olympics, to the Automotive Market, Promotional Product Market, Sporting Goods Products, Modular Furniture, Three-Dimensional Art Frames, Board games, Internet games, TV Game Shows and Fashion products for women. We hold several Patents in these various product categories.

Dohan Designs, Inc Designs, Patents and Manufactures a group of its own products … and is a “Problem Solver Designer”. Their products are designed to solve everyday problems in numerous industries. Dohan Designs, Inc. is now introducing you to Insta-Seat, the most Outstanding, Functional Products ever designed.

Julie Dohan, President of Dohan Designs was the owner of Julie Dohan Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. for ten years. She designed acrylic 3 dimensional frames for multi-purpose framing, called “Dimension 8 Frames”, and were utilized by Museums and Art Galleries nationally.. This was the start of her designing career.

Ms. Dohan designed products for the Automotive Industry, including OEM and Aftermarket; as well as Promotional and Consumer Products for Sports Events and venues.

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