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 Hi Jewel!
Remember me? End of March I was looking for the Insta-Seats I ordered to bring to Hawaii for the Merrie Monarch Festival.
I ordered the insta-seats to bring to Hawaii as Christmas gifts. When the rest of my Hula class asked me where I got it I gave them the website. Marsha (thae last lady in the picture) ended up ordering 10 for her and the others and she received the order before we left We had much fun and the insta-seats saved our butts as most of the seats are just benches and we were there from 5:30PM to almost midnight every night. It was the Golden Anniversary of the Festival (a Hula competition from all over).
One of the ladies took the attached pix and she got one too but she is not in the picture. We were staggered wherever our assigned seats were so there were more of us using your stadium seats. One teacher behind us asked us where we got the Insta-Seats and she took a picture of one. In the picture, I am the second from the front. I enjoyed the trip. It was a nice diversion and it gave me a chance to show-off my Insta-Seat.
Have a good day Jewel, enjoy every minute of it.
Peace and joy-----------Pilar 
PS: I saw your new website. It looks great, more informative. Keep the good work!

This is the greatest item …for our whole family!
"This Sport Cushion item is great!. Our son is in Little League. We can take the Insta-Seat to the Ballpark for the bleachers and I and my husband and daughter can sit really comfortable watching the game. It also works on the grass when my little son is practicing. It is a wonderful idea!

A Mom, Costa Mesa, CA

Insta-Seat was so convenient for watching Car Racing!
We took the Insta--Seat to watch the Daytona International Speedway Racing last week. It was so comfortable and convenient. My wife and two kids sat on the bleachers on the cushions. And all the Cushions fit in my pocket!

Larry T, Tampa, Fl - Engineer

We took Insta-Seat to Infineon Raceway for the Nascar Sprint Cup series!
It was so convenient to have the Insta-Seat Cushions in our pocket when we climbed to the top View Point at Infineon, the old “Sears Point” Speedway. No dragging chairs. We loved them!

Alan C. Sacramento, CA - CPA

It was incredible comfort on the Plane for my neck!
I used Insta-Seat for my neck when I flew to see my kids over Xmas. It was so comfortable…and being inflatable, fit right in my purse. Thanks for the great product!

Laura L. Jackson MS - Secretary


I Take it with me, in my purse, to school every day!
I received Insta-Seat as a gift. At first I thought it was going to useless. But I discovered the Physical Therapy advantage of the Cushion. I take it with me to school every day, and use it for my back. Being Inflatable It fits right in my purse!. What a GREAT IDEA!

Karen J. – San Diego - Teacher

I like new interesting Products …Insta-Seat is a winner!
I was impressed! Insta-Seat not only was great when I was on a camping trip, giving me a comfortable Seat on the Ground – but it fit right nto my pocket for convenience. Great idea!

Tom G, Houston, TX- Salesman

Insta-Seat gave us Extra Seating on my Boat!
What a unique idea! We invited a group of friends to sail with us, and thank goodness for Insta-Seat, we had enough seats for everyone. And it was Waterproof, as well.

Roy H. Marina del Rey, CA- Retired


I love it.and highly recommend this product!
I enjoy taking bubble baths, and was always looking for a waterproof pillow the put behind my head that was just the right size. I found Insta-Seat – quite by mistake. I was looking for an inflatable cushion for my grandson to take to the Park,…but found Insta-Seat folded in half, making an incredible pillow for my head in the Tub. It is also great in the Spa. It’s Waterproof too!

Alice W. Irvine, CA – Grandmother

An Excellent Promotional Product!
I discovered Insta-Seat when a friend of mine used it at a Ball game. He actually had it in his pocket, and blew it up in a moment! The ability to put a client’s logo and advertising message on such a usable product is unique!. I will recommend this product to my clients!

Martin G- Los Angeles, - CA Advertising

A great Inflatable cushion for Aircraft as well as Autos!
I have seen people using this inflatable cushion on the airplane. I tried it and it is comfortable! Being inflatable is a great plus! I use it now while driving in my car. Insta-Seat is a great back support in auto as well as aircraft!

Roger P – Seattle, CA - Pilot

Best idea for Bleachers and Ballgames!
I would recommend Insta-Seat to anyone! It is a natural and perfect for seating on those uncomfortable bleacher seats! It goes in your pocket, blows up quickly without any effort. The fact you can carry four seats in your own pocket for the family is a great idea. It is also wonderfully comfortable!!

John S –San Diego, CA- Auto Tech

Great Gift!
"I gave Insta-Seat to my husband as a Birthday gift. He loves to go hunting. He loved it! It gave him a seat on the ground. Being it is waterproof and fit in his backpack – it was a great Gift. A Great Idea!

Karla T – Little Rock, AR – Sales

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