The Super Promotional Inflatable Stadium Seat Cushion

The most unique, Instantly Inflatable Sport Cushion, INSTA-SEAT ... a virtual "Seat in Your Pocket". for All Sport Events...blows up with One Puff...deflates with One Squeeze!. Your custom Logo and Message Travels with your customer everywhere! They take INSTA-SEAT to any Sporting or Family event: Ballgames, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis…Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Boating. Going to a Concert, Beach, Park … Gym or Sport Center, or on a Picnic. AND Car Racing! It is also WATERPROOF! 

INSTA-SEAT, the INSTANT SEAT, is also a great comfort Physical Therapy Cushion. You can use it on long drives, fold it to cushion your neck or back on an airplane, even use it to soften your office chair. 

Our INSTA-SEAT INSTANT SEAT is perfect for a Long-Haul Driver, a Pilot, or a Heavy Equipment Operator. Use it in your Car. Use it on an Airplane, to relieve numbness and soreness on those long flights. Or fold it and use it to cradle your neck or lower back. Use it on a Boat. Heavy equipment operators and long-haul truckers use it to relieve stress. Your day at a Desk? 

Our INSTA-SEAT INSTANT SEAT is ideal for Tub or Spa. It’s WATERPROOF! Perfect for Fund Raising and Schools. 

INSTA-SEAT is a full 17” diameter, which makes our STADIUM CUSHION the ideal size for Any Activity. Our Patented Air Chamber technology allows you to choose the exact level of firmness or softness most comfortable for you. Use it as a seat cushion. 

Other Stadium Cushions, such as foam, restrict the amount of “give” and “comfort level” they offer. There is virtually no flexibility as to level of comfort. The INSTA-SEAT STADIUM CUSHION is completely FLEXIBLE

Want more firmness? Just add a little more air. Want more softness? Just let a little air out. The INSTA-SEAT STADIUM CUSHIONis Fantastically Comfortable. 

Do you need a Promotional Product? A product so useful and unique that it stays with your customer and attracts other customers! A product that does Not end up in a desk drawer or kitchen cabinet! A Promotional product, that when people see it, they ask where it came from, so they can get one for themselves. 
That is what INSTA-SEAT is all about. Unique!! 

This is not the standard we usually think of as “promotional.”…such as Ballpoint pens, key chains, coffee cups…you probably have a desk drawer or cabinet full of them! 

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